Scuola Holden

Scuola Holden was born in Turin in 1994 and teaches a two-years course in Storytelling & Performing Arts. One of the founders is Alessandro Baricco, who is the current headmaster.

The Making of


Tommaso Bianchi


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Born in Milan in 1992, Tommaso moved to London in 2012 to work and study English. Upon his return, one year later, he decided to try to turn one of his passions into a job and moved to Turin to attend the Filmmaking College at Scuola Holden.

Carlo D'Acquisto


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Born in Palermo in 1990, Carlo graduated in Modern Literature from the University of Palermo in 2013. Later that same year he moved to Turin, where he is attended Scuola Holden's Series College, studying to become a screenwriter.

Federica Di Salvo


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Born in Palermo in 1990, Federica has always worked hard to follow her dreams. She graduated in Modern Literature from the University of Palermo and after she decided to attend Scuola Holden's Crossmedia College in Turin.

Mirko Genduso

Director of Photography

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Born in Palermo in 1990, Mirko studied Architecture and graduated in Filmmaking at Scuola Holden. Working as Director and Director of Photography, he managed to bring two passions together: writing and photography. He loves to write screenplays and he develops his photos in his own darkroom.

Sara De Martino

Director of Photography

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After graduating in Literature and Philosophy, Sara grew closer to the world of filmmaking first as an actress and then working for both cinema and television as a writer and director in Betabelfilm, a small production company based in Genoa.

Martina Crapanzano


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Born in Catania in 1990, Martina studied Philosophy and graduated from La Sapienza University of Rome. While studying she worked as social media manager and as a contributor to a few newspapers and magazines. In 2013 Martina moved to Turin, where she is attended Scuola Holden's Crossmedia College.

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