São Paulo

Academia Internacional de Cinema

The Academia Internacional de Cinema is a Brazilian film school with branches in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The school is recognized for its excellence demonstrated in more than 2000 films produced by students in the school's ten years of activities.

The Making of


Juliana Valente

Director - Author

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Born and raised in São Paulo, Juliana's journey began studying fashion design. She also worked for Casas Bacanas, a real estate company focused on stylish property designed by renowned architects. In 2013 Juliana joined the Academia Internacional de Cinema. Among her works, she directed the film "Maura" and "Gemeas" with the first assistant director Bianca Medina.

Bianca Medina

First Assistant Director

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Bianca has studied Film Direction at the Academia Internacional de Cinema. She has been working since 2010 in the audiovisual production "Bambu Filmes", where she is Production Assistant of a TV show, film screenings and a documentary. Among her works, she directed the short film "Coda", and the film "Gemeas".

Paulo Souchef

Director of Photography

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Paolo studied Graphic Design at São Paulo State University. He participated in several extracurricular projects in the area of cinema, arts and culture. He studied Film Direction at the Academia Internacional de Cinema, where he worked on several short films. Professionally, he participated in some projects as a freelance assistant photographer for ZOE Film productions.

Luiz Augusto Moura

Director of Photography & Lighting

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Photography student, videomaker and resident freelance audiovisual producer in São Paulo, Luiz has been working with enterprise content production focusing on documentaries since 2011. Between 2013 and 2014 he studied Film Direction at the Academia Internacional de Cinema and worked on 20 productions as camera assistant and director of photography.

Marcelo Iwai Sakabe


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Marcelo graduated from law school at the University of São Paulo in 2006 and worked several years for law firms and financial institutions before enrolling to the Academia Internacional de Cinema to studied Filmworks. He wrote the short film "Alienação" and co-wrote and produced the short film "Causa Mortis". Ha also writes movie reviews for the website "Formiga Elétrica".

Arthur Costa

Production Design

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After his graduation in advertising at the University Mauricio de Nassau, Arthur studied Film Direction at the Academia, where he produced the short film "Horário Nobre" and did the production design of "Sound on the road". Arthur works as a producer at Theatro Municipal de São Paulo, where he is responsible for the production of the opera season, concerts and ballets.

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